2023 Surron LBX for sale for £3,895 in Newton Abbot, Devon



With the brand-new 40Ah battery, you can enjoy increased torque and range—a massive 17.5% improvement over stock! With the greatest Light Bee available right now, you can beat everyone to the finish line by reserving yours now for arrival in May! Pick from Black, Silver, Blue, and the recently introduced Purple! Act quickly to ensure your choice of color as we have limited stock.

The Surron Light Bee is a fully functional lightweight electric dirt bike, in case you haven’t heard already. It is capable off-road and on, with a smooth suspension and a ton of torque. Furthermore highly upgradeable, the Surron lets riders tailor each bike to their specific requirements. To customize your bike to your exact specifications, be sure to look over all of our upgrade possibilities.

Hawaii riding is a great fit for the Surron Light Bee. Its electric motor and small size make it ideal for covering a variety of terrains in a quiet and environmentally responsible manner. Whether you’re in Hawaii’s verdant interior or by the coast, this device’s long-lasting battery allows for lengthy exploration and deft handling, making for an exciting and environmentally responsible experience.